Where are you going Habibi?

The 2015 film Where you going Habibi is a sweet romantic story about two young men, Ibo a refugee from Turkey and Ali a German citizen. This gay love story is complicated because Ibo must deal with how his family deals with his sexuality along with German prejudice against Turkish refugees. Then you have Ali confessing to being straight and involved with criminal activities. Even with all this melodrama, the relationship develops believably. The ending is richly satisfying.

There are limited venues to view the film so I resorted to paying $3.99 through the safe streaming service Vimeo. This isn’t essential viewing but if the trailer excites you give it a chance.

WO WILLST DU HIN HABIBI? | Trailer [HD] – YouTube

Watch Where are you going, Habibi? Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

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