Real Life

This novel written by Brandon Taylor is epic genius. His use of language is mythic. Here are a few examples

“How to wrangle a body that is unreal. The truly awful thing about beauty is that it reminds us of our limits. Beauty is a kind of unrelenting cruelty. It takes the truth, hones it to a terrifying keenness and use it to slice us to the bone.”

“The tears are collecting along his eyelashes, their warm salt welling.”

The love story between Miller and Wallace is other worldly. The novel builds to violent tender love making that will leave you wrecked.

I was concerned during the first half of the book when the College detail relating to the research Wallace was performing seemed pointless. Even after finishing the novel I’m not sure why the author found it necessary to go into such minutia.

But the last half makes the reading trip beyond worthwhile.

Real Life by Brandon Taylor – Book Chat – YouTube

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