The 24th Day

The film The 24th Day based on the play stars James Marsden and Scott Speedman. Both actors are easy on the eyes and get a chance to enhance the melodrama. The movie initially creates a mystery as to why Scott ties up James and keeps him hostage. As their characters develop with flashbacks interspersed, the mystery unravels irritatingly slowly. The ending is a contrived surprise. HIV status enters into the equation but don’t look for this film to help you deal insightfully with the Corona Virus. Yes there are references as to what is considered “safe” and whether tests are accurate. This 2004 release feels dated and stagey. It’s free on you-tube and my link below. Ultimately, it’s ninety minutes of hokum but seeing a young James Marsden’s stunning cheek bones and thrilling smile may be enough to keep you watching.

The 24th Day (Gay Film) – YouTube

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