Poem of the Week-Sun Princess

Alaska in 2004

Our first cruise together.

The gasping architecture

Of glaciers melting

Foreshadowing climate change

The position of the sun in this

Faraway land

Furnace blasted at

Our stop in Juneau

Twirling fans in the government offices

Did little to appease sweat from

Workers during our tour

Warmth in the ship

Cabin balcony

enticed our nudity

Until we noticed the camera

Hanging off the cruise liner

Recording sun bathing

Baking love



2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week-Sun Princess

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, and beautiful is one such word I preserve with a delicate pellicle of warmth. Maybe someday, I might get to live my own quiet haven of duality, to have another half; and what a dream it seems to be doubled in love.

    This means a lot for a queer creative guy from rural Portugal. It truly does.


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