Observations-Ship Cruise?

I love being taken care of so cruising is the ultimate luxury. From the moment you step aboard you never need to think about money. Extravagent Food, super-entertainment and opulent lodging is covered for seven days. Once you unpack, you don’t need to worry about your luggage till the end of the cruise. The assigned dinner table seating enables friendship connections. No decisions. The lulling waves makes for premium napping. The bonus of a balcony gives you a breathtaking view of beaches as we dock without leaving the cabin. The scene of melting glaciers in Alaska or going through the locks of The Panama Canal are priceless.  I’m always trying to gain weight and the unlimited buffets give me extra needed pounds. I can indulge in desserts with each meal. The breakfast of oatmeal, lox,scrambled eggs and gluten free pancakes is heaven. A cruise is the perfect antidote to relax nervous energy. But with this virus it will take a miracle to cruise again. But I can dream can’t I?

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