Observations-My Top Thirteen when the virus ends

1)Seeing my sister Elyse, family and friends live and in person.

2)The ability to hug

3)The California Pizza Kitchen and having Thai Turkey Cauliflower Crust Pizza with my best friend of 51 years, Sy.

4)Attending 99 seat theater productions at Skylight, Odyssey, and Celebration Theater

5)Going to art films at Laemmle Theaters.

6)Visiting libraries and reading the New York Times and the New Yorker cartoons

7)Classes not on zoom

8)Being able to perform stand up and reading my stories at Akbar.

9)Ability to travel

10)People watching on Santa Monica Boulevard and Third Street Promenade

11)Seeing faces without a mask blocking my ability to read lips

12Stop obsessing about washing my hands.


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