Observations-Corona Costume

The last time I wore this green bandana was in Acapulco. The beach resort was a stop on the Carnival Mexican Riviera Cruise. The fifty-sunscreen needed additional protection around my lily-white neck when the temperature hit ninety-five degrees. When the policeman pointed at the bandana I was confused. He started pulling it off my neck.

“OW” came quickly from my mouth. He pointed to the design. Is this the fashion police? It’s a cheap purchase that was on sale in West Hollywood.

“Not allowed. You can’t wear that.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

Neal started laughing. He thought it was funny that I might get arrested in Mexico over wearing this article of clothing.

“Honey it’s marijuana.”

“What do you mean Neal?”

I kept looking at the artwork. It’s just a bunch of green leaves. What is that writing? I thought it was just a design. I needed to take off my sun glasses to read the letters. Cannabis Unum. OMG! I’m a walking advertisement for marijuana. No wonder the police wanted it removed.

I proceeded to stuff the evidence in my handbag. The emergency was averted as the smiling officer walked away.  I would use it for show and tell during my lecture to my friends about the seven-day cruise.

Now the incriminating remains from Acapulco will be used as a mask to avoid the Corona Virus. I know it’s not perfect but The Los Angeles Times says it’s an acceptable device per the new mandate. We must be masked when venturing out of the house.

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