Unorthodox, the four-part series on Netflix, is a fascinating exploration of an Orthodox married Jewish woman living in New York that escapes the confines of this religious cult like atmosphere to Berlin. This beautifully structured show builds to a crescendo of tears that will leave you gasping. Esty is stunningly played by Shira Hass. The moments that had the strongest impact on me were the audition, a phone call between Esty and her grandmother and two hair cutting sequences. This is beyond must see viewing.

Unorthodox | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

Unorthodox (FULL DOCUMENTARY) – YouTube

Unorthodox (miniseries) – Wikipedia

One thought on “Unorthodox-Netflix

  1. I loved it especially because they were speaking my first language Then i started watching Shtisel that whole series os stories in yiddish and Hebrew



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