Killing Eve-Third Season Premiere

Killing Eve kicked off its third season with a bland & predictable story line. After two seasons of bursting creativity where we were bombarded with surprising twists and turns, we are left with a rehashing of violence and foolish melodrama. Do we need to see a lesbian wedding gone haywire? Why throw in a pointless back story for Villanelle? I know that my expectation level is sky high for one of my favorite series. And there were a few moments that gave me hope. When Eve and Kenny have a quiet moment of conversation, I momentarily forgot about what was wrong with the premiere. So, I won’t write this show off yet but I will be on guard for some sparks of brilliance in the upcoming weeks.

Killing Eve Season 3 “Villanelle” Promo (HD) Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer series – YouTube

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