The Crown Season Three

Season Three of the Crown comes into its own with episode four. Two stories intertwine brilliantly. A documentary about palace life in the 1960’s shows how out of touch with reality the monarch was. Prince Phillip’s mother is a Greek missionary who visits her son and daughter in-law, the Queen. The relationship and revelations are high class compelling melodrama.

In episode seven Prince Phillip has a middle-aged break down prompted by his mother’s death and lost faith. The monologue where he explains this to a group of clergy also experiencing a question of faith, is stunningly elegant. The actor Tobias Menzies uses the simplest of acting techniques to convey profound thoughts. You won’t see better acting and writing during these ten hours of The Crown.

You’ll have your favorite episodes and those that disappoint but by the end you will be astonished.

The Crown Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

The Crown (season 3) – Wikipedia

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