The Cover of Snow

The Cover of Snow is an easy read if you don’t try to follow the convoluted plot. These mysteries always start with an excellent premise. Nora finds her cop husband dead from suicide. The entire novel focuses of the why he did it. Fine. But as the red herrings fly and the standard cliché character multiply, you can either stop reading or go with the flow. An evil mother, an autistic boy man, a relentless reporter and suspicious cops all manage interact with Nora.  There are enough suspense twists to give you a morsel of satisfaction. My Dad’s best friend Dimo was Greek and his wife Teddy made Spanakopita with Spinach as a triangle square. The combination of butter and flaky crust with a tangy feta cheese was my first orgasmic food experience. The writing has potential so maybe there is a glimmer of hope for Jenny Milchman’s next book.

Jenny Milchman – Conversations at Grassroots Books – YouTube

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