Poem of the Week-Ding Dong Bell







Footloose takes me hopping

Over the tops of trees

As I mindfully meditate

Trying to touch the clouds

Seeking secret solace

Distracting from aches

Forcing negative thoughts to be buried

My tingling feet sweep me and loosen my

Boundaries of rigid tests

Abandoned dancing to thumping bass

No fear of falling

Eyes focused on the puffy nebulous clouds

Drawing me to a safe dream state

Filling my soul with abundant love

Stopping the analysis of the moment

Letting it be

Gulping the free oxygen

Seeping through my small nostrils

In and out

The blood flowing to continue life

I wait for the ding-dong bell to end my 25 minute meditation




One thought on “Poem of the Week-Ding Dong Bell

  1. Ive been meditating since Jam1969 Twice every day Im going to a free workshop on TA on March 7 in BevHills Want to come?



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