Poem of the Week- 2019 Prized

Golden G.B.’s

Awards show honoring personnel

Film and theater choices

Envelopes with nominees outside

Winner inside

Thirty guests are the presenters

Roasted and toasted introductions

Ice breakers

Including Rabbi Lisa and Tracy

DVD clips provided

By Ken

Annual love letter to friends and family

Drag performances highlight

Tessie’s dresses

Janet lent wigs

The sardined crowd

Gets wowed by

Duets with husband Neal

Audrey and Rex

Rain in Spain

Tony and Gaga

Lady is a Tramp

Linda and Aaron

Don’t Know Much

Preparing choice morsels of

Salmon, falafel, polenta, lentil loaf

Brown rice salad

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free


But the Marriage Story award

Was sweetly criticized

Lacking the gravitas

Of a Joker or 1917

A humbling evening

Missing the spirit

Of the dead

Mom, Paul, Lynn, Milt, Bob, Scott

Haunted back to life

One thought on “Poem of the Week- 2019 Prized

  1. Are you having an Academy Awards party on the very Eve?Mark used to, Now he has them for the celebs at work We threw $5 in a pot and the winner took all. I will send you a copy of my most recent music video from utube. Its pretty silly but it was so much fun to make. I will text it


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