I can’t smell so flowers don’t resonate with me. As a child I was bombarded by allergies when pollen kicked up a storm on Long Island.  After I had surgery for a deviated septum, the doctor had promised me that my nose would come alive. He proceeded to place a flask of ammonia by nostrils to see if I would react. The fumes hit me but I was never sure if it was because it made my eyes water. Food, perfume, and excrement refused to be acknowledged by my brain. When I complained to the doctor, he said my nostrils were too small to absorb smells. After admiring the beauty of a bird of paradise, rose or bougainvillea, I am bereft. I pretend to detect an odor when I am confronted with flowers given by dinner guests.  But with my compromised hearing, I can switch up my flowerless world with my gluten free flourless desserts.

Flourless Chocolate Cake How-To | Food Network – YouTube


4 thoughts on “Observations-Flowerless

  1. gordonI appreciated thisI always forget about your lack of sense of smell and this gave me some of the historyI imagine there is more to how this impacts you and the impact it has had in your lifeI a m reminded of a book that came out not long ago about a girl and her sense of smell or tasteIt was a bestseller

    Any idea of what it was based on that lousy description If not, I will seek it out for you to look into should you choose On another note, I am not sure I understood the last sentence of your piece.  Can you explain the connection? Love Jeff Hope you are recovered from the GBs.  I know how much effort you put into it and the weeks and months of attention you give it Love J


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