Eurydice Lecture observations

I went to a talk at the Downtown Santa Monica city library about the Opera Eurydice. Los Angeles Opera will be presenting the premiere and the lecturer wanted to educate potential audiences. During the program she mentioned various interpretations of the work related to Orpheus and that he was the originator of homosexuality among the Thracians. After she mentioned this, she said I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. I was livid. As if mentioning homosexuality is a problem. I held my tongue until after and spoke to her about this offensive comment. She got on the defensive and said “I have lots of gay friends.” I can’t believe I had this conversation with a supposedly intelligent woman. She said there have been some incidents at the Los Angeles Opera where audiences have been angered when a revisionist version that includes sexuality is included. She told me “I want to check in with people to ensure they aren’t bothered.” I shot back with “Even in 2020!” and she confirmed that it was a recent occurrence. I guess I am naïve living in a bubble that this is still an issue. Beware of homophobia in the most surprising places.

Myth Summary

Eurydice | LA Opera

Eurydice Found Takes Over L.A. in 2020 | San Francisco Classical Voice

One thought on “Eurydice Lecture observations

  1. Yes sadly beware I see it is aVery sensitive topic for you Steve is more blase about it perhaps because he grew up in an era where it was more accepted

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