1917 is one of the finest “war” films ever made. With Roger Deakin’s amazing one-shot cinematography and Sam Mendes’s stunning direction, we are engulfed in this journey. The use of a single tracking shot without cuts for most of the film was used extensively in Birdman. In that film it felt like a gimmick. Here the technique is invisible after the first ten minutes. The simplest of stories is so lovingly told and emotionally wrenching that you forget you are watching the film. Two British soldiers are assigned the treacherous task of notifying the front lines in France to halt their attack because it is a trap. Additionally, one of soldier’s brother is part of the front lines. And Thomas Newman’s score is other worldly. This moves to the top of 2019 releases.

1917 – Official Trailer [HD] – YouTube

1917 (2019 film) – Wikipedia

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