Poem of the Week-Warming Memories

The percale sheets invigorated my morning

Checking my husband opened eyes

Barely hearing the NPR radio alarm

Gratitude for sleeping 7 plus hours

Rising to quinoa and rolled oats

A bouquet of berries banana peachy honey dew

Smother the bowl topped with sugar, whey & flax

Dripping coffee fills the glass .99 mug

Carnation colors

Red potatoes cry out for butter, salt and paprika

Sitting and struggling with the on-line news

Swiping pages that can’t replace print

Conversing with husband

Blessing the Santa Monica breeze

Memorizing the fresh sparkling air

Never felt again today

Broaching the swelter of West Hollywood

Baking in the humidity that clogs

My pores and dampens my underarms

Projecting the dripping sweat

That I can’t smell

But I imagine the glue to fabric stickiness

I look for a shower

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