Knives Out

This is a good year from Sondheim. We had Being Alive and You Could Drive A Person Crazy in Marriage Story and now with Knives Out we get Daniel Craig croaking Losing My Mind. Knives Out is entertaining and filled with surprise twists. The cast relishes the comical elements of this murder mystery and a chance to chew the fantastic scenery. Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Shannon are at the top of their game. But as the film progressed, it became exhausting. An attempt to update this creaky Agatha Christie genre becomes repetitive. The abrupt tone changes aren’t justified. Homages to Hitchcock and Columbo can be appreciated in small doses but not over two hours. Sorry this is just one person’s opinion of this seemingly beloved movie.

Knives Out (2019) New Trailer – Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas – YouTube

Knives Out (film) – Wikipedia

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