Spotify Release-Celine Dion Courage

Celine Dion’s voice soars in this new Spotify CD release. This woman doesn’t know how to hold back and yet an authenticity has crept into her recordings so they no longer sound like melodramatics. Flying on My Own immerses us into this first CD since her husband died. Celine’s phrasing has evolved. In Falling in Love Again there is a heartbreaking lilt. So many tracks feel refreshed. Imperfections is a lovely contemplative hook laden joy. Even with a cliché ridden I Will Be Stronger, Celine digs into her vocal cavity and casts her magic spell on the listener. And with How Did You Get Here? and Look At Us Now she masters r&b. Those deep chest tones are chilling. This is courageous music that will soothe your soul.

Céline Dion – Courage (Official Video) – YouTube

Celine Dion – Wikipedia

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