Spotify Release-Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.’s CD is so irresistible and filled with such a rich variety of musical forms, that you’ll be unable to start your day without revisiting this masterpiece multiple times. I am at loss to pick a favorite cut. It’s crazy. The impact from the musical Hamilton continues to rage on. The first two songs Stronger Music and Standards have the spirit of Sinatra, Michael Buble & Harry Connick Jr. Go Crazy might be a song Ray Charles would sparkle us with. u r my everything and Under Pressure Lose It are in Al Green territory. I love the way Leslie uses his falsetto voice. Cold, Lose It & Foggy are silky smooth ballads. Remember Black is more in the r&b/soul terrain. His soulful musing on the last track Freedom leaves you with a longing to relish this artist.

Leslie Odom Jr.: Go Crazy – YouTube

Leslie Odom Jr. – Wikipedia

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