Marriage Story

Marriage Story is so deceptively simple. Direction and cinematography are almost invisible. At times we might think we are watching a stage play because of the heavy-laden dialogue. But what stunning words. Praise and brilliance are insufficient to describe the acting by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. These are career bests from both.  We’ve never seen a marriage/love story/divorce portrayed with such ruthless honesty before. And the supporting cast is full of gems coming from Julie Hagerty, Alan Alda, Lauren Dern, and Wally Shawn.  Randy Newman’s score is perfection. The film punches you out and rips your guts due to Noah Baumbach’s seamless direction & writing. The images of the scraps of love remaining after the divorce are emotionally devastating.

Marriage Story | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

Marriage Story (2019 film) – Wikipedia

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