Topper Schroeder

Since Bob Adels died five months ago, I continue to reminisce about our friendship daily. His knowledge of music trivia was unsurpassed. The pain of missing our weekly calls devastates me.  With news of his partner Topper Schroeder dying last Friday I once again feel the wounds of gutted loss. Topper was the owner of Gendarmerie, a spa in West Hollywood. Initially Gendarme was a cologne that Topper created and sold at Nordstrom’s, Macy and countless department stores. The spa was an outgrowth of the cologne business. Bob was instrumental in the development and upkeep of the Spa. Topper was the promotion man and traveled extensively selling his product. With my no sense of smell I can’t comment about the fragrance but from what I’ve heard it was uniquely beautiful.

Bob and Topper were lovers for over forty years. I met Bob and Topper at a couple’s group in 1985 with my then lover Scott. We bonded immediately. Topper was a superb cook. His optimistic attitude was in contrast to Bob’s more cynical outlook. They made a brilliant team.

I did fall out of favor with Topper after I showed a violent film at my infamous once a year movie award party. It took many years for him to forgive me. The scene of a dolphin being bludgeoned to death didn’t sit well with Topper’s love of animals.  Topper’s incredible personality only liked bright happy films.

Topper’s exuberant stamp brought cheer to this sometime sour world. Bob and Topper are now glued into the stratosphere.

Day Spa | The Gendarmerie | West Hollywood

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