Motherless Brooklyn

Edward Norton does a bang-up job writing and directing Motherless Brooklyn. With impeccable cinematography, editing, art direction, costumes and score, the film wraps the audience into the film noir world of Manhattan circa 1957. Despite the familiar story of government corruption and unelected officials grabbing land from the poor, we stay engrossed for the almost two and ½ hour length. Norton gives Chinatown and L.A. Confidential a run for their money for plot complications. The gritty dialogue flirts with David Mamet poetry to keep us on edge. The cast includes Cherry Jones, William Dafoe, and Bobby Canavale. There is one unintended flaw in the film. Alec Baldwin plays the corrupted builder and land baron but unfortunately you will only be thinking about his impersonation of Trump on Saturday Night Live. Otherwise this is great escapist entertainment.

MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN – Official Trailer – YouTube

Motherless Brooklyn – Wikipedia


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