Spotify Release-Lewis Capaldi-Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent

I love Scottish Lewis Capaldi. His haunting voice sweeps me into the stratosphere. The opening track Grace wipes me out. This man is filled with a soul induced gospel riff that cleanses the toxins. This Spotify release was released many months ago and skipped my radar alert. In the second track Bruises, he belts out the reframe “There must be something in the waterwith striking clarity. His irresistible phrasing makes for a one on one conversation with the listener. His anguish in Hold Me While You Wait is exquisite. And his international sensation Someone You Loved is so masterful that it can handle multiple listening’s. Lewis puts us through the ringer with this treatise on painful love. The next song Maybe stretches his vocal prowess beautifully. The lilt in his voices makes Forever a stunner. Capaldi can make the melodrama always feel authentic. The way he pushes his voice creates this spectacular intimate connection on Don’t Get Me Wrong. The final track Headspace is a burning meditation. This is goes to the head of the class of 2019 releases.

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved (Official Video) – YouTube

Lewis Capaldi – Wikipedia

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