I.M. Isaac Mizrahi Memoirs

I.M. is a well written memoir. The early stuff about Isaac growing up, his complicated relationship with his parents and the Jewish religion resonates. His early artistic flourishes from puppet shows and female impersonations gives the reader a stunning foundation as to how he became a fashion icon later in life. After his father dies, Issac touchingly writes “I loved my father and how much sadness it gives me to admit this, I was really only able to live my life-to thrive-after he died. There was no way I could live as an openly gay man without the fear that he might find out and be crushed.”

The only negative comments I have relates to the details of the designing world that border on overkill. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a fashion design student, these passages may be less than compelling.  The name dropping wears a little thin also.

When he reaches the heights of success, he has difficulty coping. Despite seeing a physiatrist, he found more comfort from psychics, numerologists, astrologists, mediums, and tarot card readers. Since it is the job of designers to predict what everyone wants to wear, it wasn’t farfetched for him to dabble with the occult.

His second career as a cabaret performer brings a sweetness to the memoir and makes for a worthwhile read.

I.M. – A Memoir – YouTube

Isaac Mizrahi – Wikipedia








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