Spotify Release-Marc Cohn and The Blind Boys of Alabama

I needed this new cd by Marc Cohn and The Blind Boys of Alabama to cleanse me. This is not your ordinary gospel cd. We haven’t heard from Marc in ages. His Walking in Memphis from 1991 was a rich epic single. This cd starts with a companion piece called Walking in Jerusalem. His voice remains startling evocative through these ten tracks. The phrasing pulls us into the lyrics with a welcome spirituality. There is a mixture of original songs (the first three tracks) and live reinterpreted Cohn classics that make up the rest of this album. With the Alabama Boys bringing their magical voices to these tunes, we are in heaven blessed territory. The sound quality is impeccable on these live performances. The lengthy Silver Thunderbird clocks in at over ninety minutes. You’ll be mesmerized by the fluid voices blending with a sparkling arrangement that takes you on an unapparelled wailing journey. And of course, they have to follow with their take on Amazing Grace. The genius of using the melody of The House of The Rising Son for this version makes for a new appreciation for this classic.

“Walking In Memphis” Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys Of Alabama @ City Winery,NYC 2-14-2018 – YouTube

Work to Do (New Album) — Marc Cohn

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