People In the Trees

Since I was so enthralled with Hanya Yanagihara’s second novel A Little Life, it made sense to tackle her first book People in The Trees. I knew I was asking for trouble. A Little Life was a most exceptional read and will remain one of my most beloved books of all time. Much of her brilliant writing is in evidence in the first novel. The story of scientists discovering a secret civilization where eternal life exists makes for intriguing story telling. But lengthy mock documentation and footnotes wears down the reader.  Less than compelling characters makes for a floundering experience.  But I will give her credit as  suspense builds as the novel cascades to the finale. Yet I still worried that there would be a non-ending full of unsatisfying resolutions. Have no fear, Hanya uses fine writing skills to wrap the story to a gratifying ending. So ultimately, I have no regrets about reading this work.

Books That Make You Think: The People in the Trees – YouTube

Hanya Yanagihara in Conversation with David K. Wheeler @ University Book Store – YouTube

The People in the Trees – Wikipedia

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