Canter’s Deli


I never thought I would be visiting Canter’s Deli within seven days. This isn’t my favorite hang-out. My memory of their food was less than average. But I went with an open mind and was my gastric juices went onto a happy high alert. Delicious pickles, heavenly gluten free toasted bread, tender barbecued chicken breasts and mouth-watering sherbet with whipped cream filled my palette. This sweet meal was accompanied by a waiter full of choice one-liners that made the event heavenly. The following week I performed at the Kibbutz Room. Their open mike for standups is every Tuesday evening at 6. You get three minutes for free or five minutes if you make any food purchase. All comics who attend get to perform by signing up before 6 pm. The only caveat is that there is a lottery as to where you’ll be placed in the lineup. The devoted and supportive audience mostly stayed until the last comic performed at 7:45. All the acts are “clean” because the sound carries to the restaurant guests. Mainly this means no profanity.  If you are looking to rediscover your Jewish roots, Canter’s is your destination.

IncrEDIBLE Eats: Canter’s Deli – YouTube

Los Angeles Deli Restaurant – Canters Deli

Canter’s – Wikipedia

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