Spotify-Andy Grammar

I love Andy Grammar. He transcends country music sensibility. The thirteen tracks show an unlimited range. Authentic pop that grabs you by the throat. The sound and mood are unique. Grammar never repeats himself. On Wish You Pain, his throat muscles soar. His hit Don’t Give Up on Me has a refreshing exuberance lacking in most of current flock of artists. Who can resist Best of You? This is another of those discs that will exorcise your anxiety and depression on a daily basis. You can skip your yoga or mindful meditation and just let Andy cure your ills. Let the final song Naïve religiously lift you.

Andy Grammer – “Don’t Give Up On Me” [Official Video from the Five Feet Apart Film] – YouTube

Andy Grammer Opens Up About New Album ‘Naïve’ |


Andy Grammer – Wikipedia

One thought on “Spotify-Andy Grammar

  1. I love country music iam going to Nashville to shoot a commercial on the 12th. Returning the 15th. Cant wait!!

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