Spotify Release-Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings has a superior pop sensibility on this multi-faceted release. Her expansive voice wraps itself around beautiful hooks. The slow ballad burns of the first two tracks Poison and Lost Without You are a foreshadowing of the rollicking Castles. Watch out Adel. The gorgeous chest tones are in full force on You Mean the World To me. Her phrasing and pronunciation are a bit off on Love is A Fire but otherwise this is a fine up-tempo tune. Holy Water is an outstanding gospel tinged power ballad with the requisite choir. The lament on Still Have You is breath takingly moving. The last three tracks have an unfortunate repetitiveness about them Unconditional, Elephant, and Wishbone. It’s possible on additional listening’s that Freya’s intention on those songs will become clearer. Otherwise this is an excellent introduction to this world class artist.

Freya Ridings – Unconditional (YouTube Space London) – YouTube

Freya Ridings – Wikipedia


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