Podcast of the Week-Travis Rieder

Travis Rieder has a new book called “In Pain”. He talks to Terry about the opioid crisis and how it affected him after a horrific motorcycle accident that crushed his foot. He explains the unnecessary torturous process of withdrawal from the pain medication he had become addicted due to inadequate doctor training. The shocking revelation that Tylenol drip which isn’t addictive won’t be used by hospitals and doctors because of the outrageous price structure. Travis gives us some optimism when he tells about the military using acupuncture in addition to other pain medication for on the scene war injuries with great success.

I was in opioid withdrawal for a month — here’s what I learned | Travis Rieder | TEDxMidAtlantic – YouTube

A Bioethicist’s Personal Struggle With Opioids : NPR

2 thoughts on “Podcast of the Week-Travis Rieder

  1. That’s good to hear.I read awful things about Tylenol and how it damages the live and kidneys so I avoid it. It never worked on me anyway, so no loss.I put something under your door this morning Smi


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