Oklahoma-Spotify Relase and Theater Review

Spotify just released the CD of the reconstructed Oklahoma that won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical for 2019. The pared down original full orchestra are handled beautifully by a small five-piece band. The Americana voices strip the plot and characters down to the core. This revisionist version makes us look into the lawlessness and prejudice of these early settlers. The image Judd’s blood spurting back into Curly’s face after “accidentally” shooting Judd, his rival of Laurie, is the precursor of current American violence epidemic. Well-deserved Tony winner Ali Stroker, stops the show with “I Can’t Say No”. You’ll never think of Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics as being sentimental after listening to this landmark recording. And for rich melodic structure Richard Rodger’s music chills your fragile senses.

The Cast Of Oklahoma! Performs “I Cain’t Say No/ Oklahoma” At The 2019 Tony Awards – YouTube

Oklahoma! – Wikipedia

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