Spotify-Jonas Brothers-Happiness Begins

The Jonas Brothers just turned up the summer heat with “Happiness Begins”. This CD is a colonic refresher course for improved mental health. If these hooks on the fourteen tracks don’t cure melancholy on your first listening, then soak in a deep breath and reward your ears a second time. The first two songs are their claim to rightly deserved radio exploitation. Kicking off with the third track “Only Human” their harmony is in full glory. On “Used To Be” you can let the lyrics “Lately I don’t even know ya, Too many devils on your shoulder.” wash over you. There is a Justin Bieber influence on “Love Her” with the lines “I put my selfish ways in boxes and shipped ‘em back to where they came.” Yes, their song writing isn’t profound but for pure pop musicality, you can’t go wrong with this stuff. Just give it up for these dynamic brothers.

Jonas Brothers – Sucker (Live on The Today Show / 2019) – YouTube

Jonas Brothers – Wikipedia

One thought on “Spotify-Jonas Brothers-Happiness Begins

  1. Ok,this music better calm me down. I came home last night late and I was very calm after a week in Bend,which is very calm.Now the chaos has begun of the demolition of my kitchen. First thing-the 10 AM people still haven’t shown up because they didn’t know they were supposed to. Miscommunications between the insurance company ,etc. We can only imagine what will befall in the ensuing days. If you like demolition, destruction  and chaos, please drop by.


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