Spotify release-Ciara-Beauty Marks

Ciara’s new CD Beauty Marks creates a vibrant thrill with each track. Hip hop, rap, and r&b beautifully melded together for an uplifting cheer. I dare your legs not to dance to the song set. There are times when you just want to throw yourself into music—you can shut off your brain and get sweeped into the beat of the song. I love her fluid grasp of lyrics. In “Trust Myself” she can take these lines “I try to contain it but I can’t explain it, I’m feeling so crazy I try to be sane but your kiss got me faded, I’m drunk off you, baby” and swallow you. She’s been on the music scene for fifteen years but this cd reflects a seasoned maturity. “Dose” is grand hook laden pop. “Freak Me” with Tekno is a brass infested Spanish joy. The last song “Beauty Marks” stretches her voice into ballad territory. I’m a sucker for these melodramas.

(1) Ciara – Beauty Marks [Official Video] – YouTube

Ciara – Wikipedia


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