Bronco Billy, the musical

This musical adaption of the Clint Eastwood film Bronco Billy is a classy foolish romp. The large spirited cast beautifully sings each ounce of the melodic score despite the perfunctory lyrics. Special mention should be honored on Amanda Leigh Jerry. Her phrasing and clear as a bell voice are stirring during “I Want to Be Strong” in act one and the reprise  with “I’m Going To Be Strong” in act two The design and costumes are flawless. Some of the old-fashioned comedy antics aren’t effective. Slapstick in 2019 is rough going unless its accompanied by spot on timing. This was a preview performance and these kinks could be worked out before opening night. For entertainment value the show delivers and should be applauded.

(1) Bronco Billy – The Musical (Eric B. Anthony Interview) – YouTube

BRONCO BILLY, The Musical – World Premiere | Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles 2019

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