Spotify release-Judah and the Lion

“Pep Talks” by Judah and the Lion is a joyful mash of genre bending styles. Folk, blue grass, rock, hip-hop and electronic sounds blur together beautifully. In “Quarter Life Crisis” the cry for help is front and center with “These voices in my head got me backed up into a corner, oh I can’t do this alone.” In “Why did you Run?” you don’t get more chilling than the lines “I’m okay, but I’m locked in a holding cell till someone gets me out.” Lead singer Judah Akers is working out his family issues of alcoholism, affairs, death and divorce. In the next track “I’m O.K.” the rap section gives an authenticity to the lines “Well finally, some honesty, I’m not that great transparently.” The duet with Kacey Musgraves pictures is a stunner. “Queen songs/human” is an epic 8 minute loaded with pop hooks in the first half and an electronic instrumental fleshing out the last four minutes. The reframe of “If Things Were Good” makes this a spiritual high. The next number “Don’t Mess with My Mama” is a spirited romp. When you get to “Alright” we have the obligatory anthem. The “Passion Fashion” duet with Jon Bellion is boisterous up-tempo wall of sound gem. We roll into the energy of “Dance with Me” filled with electronic blasts. Punk is alive and well on the last two tracks “Sportz” and “17”

Judah & the Lion – pictures (feat. Kacey Musgraves) (Official Visual) – YouTube

Judah & the Lion – Wikipedia

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