Spotify-Hurts 2B Human-Pink

“Hustle” sweeps us into Pink’s world of her unique musical vocabulary. She refuses to be pigeon holed into a music genre. On the next track she “Miss You Sometime” she spreads her funky vocal wings. On “Walk Me Home”, her anthem pipes chill us. “My Attic” slows us to ballad territory. The “Hurts 2B Human” duet with Khalid reminds us that duetting with Pink is an incomparable experience. Next is another sweet duet called “Can We Pretend” with Cash, Cash. An upbeat blistering dance hook infused wonder. Power ballad stuff is on full swing with “Courage.” “Happy” has her purring love cry that only Pink can pull off. “We Can Have It All” has Pink’s signature conversational phrasing with bursts of vocal gymnastics. Chris Stapleton helps bring out Pink’s closeted country vibes brilliantly. The catharsis of “Circle Game” brings us to an emotional edge. We mellow out with “The Last Song of Your Life.” Well done Pink!

P!nk – Walk Me Home (Official Video) – YouTube

Pink (singer) – Wikipedia

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