Observations-Light in the Water

The screening of my husband’s documentary “Light in the Water” was shown at the AMC Sunset five theater last Monday night. My previous viewings were an almost complete version a year ago and a truncated LOGO presentation. This outing was clearly a final pristine cut that has been traveling the festival route despite a television broadcast. The spiritual comradery of the team members is striking in its simplicity. The family glue that resonates creates a religious master class. The gush of tears as we witness the emotional and physical obstacles makes for a cathartic rebirth. This is flawless filmmaking, edited with precision, and a fully satisfying story encompassing gay history during the last forty years. Swimming uses the entire body and mind. I imaginethe act of swimming can sublimate the horrors of the world. The movie is a refreshing reboot of the soul.

WeHoTV NewsByte: Light in the Water – YouTube

‘We were forming family’: how LGBT sports grew in the early 1980s | Television & radio | The Guardian

Light in the Water (2018) – IMDb



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