Observations-Spinoza Lecture by Charles J. Marcus

This fascinating introduction to the philosophy of Spinoza was mind-boggling. Professor Marcus gave a beautifully clear talk about God and substance. The complex theory of attributes of God that fall into either extension or thought was startling. I was mesmerized as he explained “There is only one substance God, which is the cause of all things and Whatever is in God and nothing can be or be conceived without God.” This is an on-going monthly hour-long class at Oasis in Santa Monica.  I grilled Charles with questions to catch up with the other students. Even if I don’t quite swallow the philosophy, that at times dismisses miracles, fate, free-will, and religion, it makes for an excellent brain workout. And when I do my mindful meditation, my head will be in for a treat as I try to wipe out thoughts and be in the moment during my body scan. Oh, the joys of being retired and experiencing life changing events at sixty-six.

PHILOSOPHY – Baruch Spinoza – YouTube

Author | Los Angeles | Charles J. Marcus

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