Spotify-Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge delivers on her new cd The Medicine Show. She documents her rock credentials on the title track. The next cut “Wild and Lonely” has her trademark phrasing that pulls you into each lyric.  You’ll be lost as the drums and guitar drift through the song. “Shaking” has a sweet drum hook that brings a sweet juice to lips. She slows it down with “Woman Like You”. The longing for love is a sweeping testament to power of lust. She beautifully wails through “Faded by Design”. In “I Know You” Melissa use her pipes to beg for the continuance of her relationship. Next is an inspirational song that throws you back the 1960’s- “The Human Chain”. Although she switching to a cliché-ridden anthem with “Love Will Live”, we can forgive this artist because of her emotional honesty that saturates the lyrics. On “Suede” the hooks come fast and furious as she refers to the marks on her guitar like scratches on the heart. The grand finale is the heartbreaking “Last Hello.” Get out your handkerchiefs.

Saturday Sessions: Melissa Etheridge performs “Wild and Lonely” – YouTube

Melissa Etheridge – Wikipedia

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