Brake Observations 4-11-19

My father died fifty-four years ago and suddenly he’s coming back to haunt me. It’s a good haunt though. I took my 2008 Hybrid Camry for a 5,000-mile gas and oil light maintenance. I give Affordable Care in Hollywood the honor of servicing my auto. Affordable puts up with my request to not move my seat. My back spasms if the car seat is adjusted. I refuse to valet the car for fear that the seat will be modified. I turned down Affordable offer to disconnect the electrical mechanism that enables seat altercations. My husband insisted that was too severe.

For the last eleven years I’ve never needed brakes or brake pads. I was psyched that today would change and the Camry would get refurbished discs. I nearly passed out when the mechanic said I had 80% brake life left. Honesty and reliability from a mechanic is a rarity in any era. My Dad saved the brakes on our Ford Fairlane and Dodge Dart by slowing to a snail’s pace before he reached traffic lights or stop signs. As an observant son I have been following his methodology. With my previous Datsun and Maxima I was unsuccessful in carrying out Dad’s brake policy. But the ghost of my father is hovering over my Camry and I am blessed with never requiring brakes.

Thank you Michael Blitz for instilling your brake practices on your first born son.

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One thought on “Brake Observations 4-11-19

  1. I will remember to do that . Thanks I have an honest reliable mechanic too.I’ll give you the phone number of mine if you give me the phone number and address of yours


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