Spotify-Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles dropped a new album on Spotify called Amidst the Chaos. Immediately we are in Joni Mitchell territory captured in the lyrics “Door clicks while his wheels start spinning on the pavement.” On the first track “Fire.” She purrs and simmers through the lyrics on “No Such Thing”. She tells us “Broken, you’re Rome, I am the ruins. The stone I can’t find you in is all that remains”. We are haunted by phrasing. On “Armor” she plays with us in her retelling of Adam and Eve with the lines “Let me ask a question to present day How the hell did Eve end up with all the damn blame?” With “If I Can’t Have You” Sara stretches her pipes with a funky hook laden Carol King type song. With “Eyes on You” we have something close to an upbeat possibly danceable track. “Miss Simone” is the highlight track. Gorgeous imagery fills your head after you hear “How’d she know what a heart sounds like In the glow of this candle on a rooftop in the moonlight.” The T-Bone Burnett production is sublime on the next two tracks “Wicked Love” and “Orpheus”. He brings out the essence of her artistry brilliantly. “Someone who loves me” and “Saint Honesty have those minimalist arrangements that bends your mind to a peaceful meditative state. Sara leaves no prisoner on this heavenly journey.  The duet with John Legend “A Safe Place To Land” is a stunner.

Sara Bareilles – A Safe Place to Land (Live at the Village) ft. John Legend – YouTube

Sara Bareilles – Wikipedia

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