Spotify Release-Ben Platt


Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen has a fantastical cd called “Sing to Me Instead”. No artist knows how to get to the heart of painful aching emotions like Ben. Each cut is a masterful short story wrapped around impeccable production values and tight musical arrangements. With the first cut “Bad Habit”, you enter Platt’s world with the lyrics “You always said that I’d come back to you again. Cause everybody needs a friend, it’s true Someone to quiet the voices in my head Make’em sing to me instead, it’s you.” His voice fills every morsel of passion we long for. The third cut “Temporary Love” he declares “Now your heart is in my hands, I won’t give it up. This is not temporary love.” With a wailing chorus that leaves the listener breathless. With “Grow as We Go” the melodrama is brought down a notch to give our nerve tentacles a break. “Honest Man” takes us to a gospel powerhouse lyrical range that richly floats the lines “I’m not what you planned but, I’m a safe place to land I am an honest man. In “Hurt Me Once” he quietly breaks the tear ducts as he whimpers “You have all these choices, I have none. You’re all that I have to lose Couldn’t hurt you if I wanted to.” Finally, we get an up-tempo track “New”. The fun lilt to his voice is a refreshing antidote to the high scaled drama. He has fun with the lines “Heartsick little lover boy who went and los himself in you. Cause now I’m feeling so brand New.” This is followed by another amusing almost danceable song “Share Your Address.” “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” gives Mr. Platt the freedom to take his voice into heavenly clouds. “Older” is another gospel laden epic. The final song is a sweet fairy tale like love scenario called “Run Away”. Absolutely gorgeous.

Ben Platt – Hurt Me Once [Official Audio] – YouTube

Ben Platt (actor) – Wikipedia






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