Spotify Release-Portraits-Greyson Chance

Portraits by Greyson Chance is a hook windfall. Twelve short tracks starting with “Shut Up”. This youngster took You tube by storm with a hundred million views before he reached seventeen. You can add him the list of artists that just happen to be gay. On the third track “Yours” the chorus states “2 AM calls, oh, it’s nature I’m a little bit high, calling to tell you I’m yours, I’m yours.” Gorgeous romanticism. “West Texas” takes a religious slant with “Born and bred in West Texas, raised you to be different. No matter how it ends, no matter all your sin.” On “White Roses” he breaks your heart as he sings “Darling be careful with me. Cause there’s part of me that you don’t know. Darling, be gentle with me When you tell me that you need to go.” “Black on Black” is a sweet hip hop dance cut. On the richly arranged “Stand” he shares “On the feet of my drunkenness, I am my father’s man.” The final cut “Lakeshore” has an effervescent mood. And when he cries “I don’t want to go”, you can just replay this gem.

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