Gordon has been good to me for thirty years. He uses me every third week which is a blessing that keeps me alive and well. And we’ve been through a lot together. Earthquakes and deaths.  He’s experimented with powder and gels but finally found that using pods are the most efficient use of my time. I forgive him not cleaning my outsides because he doesn’t abuse my insides. There is some corrosion and disintegration of my nobs but it’s regular wear and tear.  Although I’ll admit I’ve been stabbed a few times by a knife falling on my bottom. Once he put a broken glass in me and I had to be extra careful not to make the crack worse. He can be clutzy. I wish he would empty my dirt trap but I realized he had no idea I had one of those until he took a fix it class at his college. Lately there has been water left on my bottom but he brilliantly figured out if he hits the reset button I’ll drain. I love that he rinses plates and utensils thoroughly so I don’t have to work so hard during my cycles. He’s been spending more time at his husband’s so I’ve been feeling a little abandoned. Sometimes a month goes by before I get used. Of course, at my age that is a blessing. I’ve heard horror stories about my friends breaking down at age thirty or younger. Drowning in a flood of water sounds terrifying. I am proud of my GE 1200 Potscrubber status.


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