Poem of the Week-Weight

Standing on the scale

Deceiving myself with clothes

136 pounds with no movement

Eating for two

Ego and Stomach

Starched with brown rice and potatoes

Smothering butter

Belt notches pulled tight

Corduroy pants dragging on cement

Undergarments sliding away

Where is the fat stored?

Years of stockpiling at the Soup Plantation

Swallowing a foot-long Subway

Popping seven sour dough breads at CPK

The IBS rebelled after abuse

New rules exclude




Left with haggard droops

Discouraging emaciation

Give me one pound of hope

So 501’s will fit

No swimming knit shirts

Lose a notch

Dream of hulking weight gain

One thought on “Poem of the Week-Weight

  1. Steve has the same fast metabolism and he has to eat a lot ,especially meats. It goes with your ADD ,your creative streak and High intelligence. Have you been checked by your doctor?


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