Observations-1527 Club

My skepticism was met with unbridled joy as I tackled a new facet of my retirement-Comedy Improv.  Thinking on your feet combined with following the lead of your partner in comedy makes for a brilliant challenge. The ingratiating group welcomed me instantly. My laughs came easily as we did our exercises to loosen up. In my first set, we were at a job interview like shark tank where we had to explain our invention. My improv mate said that I was a robot invention. I exploded into a tantrum.

“How could you break the news to me that I’m not human like this? I thought we were inventing something. My life is ruined now that I find out I’m not real.”

I had a blast mouthing off and carrying on in class.

The second set was where we were given the name of a made-up film along with location and premise. As we played our parts, the teacher shouted out Oscar moment. We explored the melodrama and cliché’s of what an actor needs to do to win an Oscar. Great fun.

The 1527 has been a beautiful adjunct to my Emeritus College courses. They provide lunch for seniors with a small donation. And there is access to LYFT  within the city of Santa Monica for .50!

The thrills of retirement never stop.


2 thoughts on “Observations-1527 Club

  1. Sounds a lot like the improv in my acting class.First class is free on Fridays at 11AM to 1PM.,if you want to try it out let me know


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