Laemmle Live-Samohi Chamber Orchestra

Rich Capparela introduced each of the program selections at the stupendous Laemmle Live Monthly Concert Series  featuring The Samohi Chamber Orchestra. Starting with the heavily dark Quartet in D Minor by Franz Schubert, you knew you were in the hands of masterful young student musicians. The string Orchestra arranged by Gustav Mahler belched every frightening nightmarish note through the audience. Thank goodness this was followed by the sweet “From my Homeland for Violin and Piano” by Smetana. Cello Suite No. 2 in D Minor by Bach gave a religious aura to this late afternoon show. The Concert for 2 Cellos by Vivaldi drew us to old school classic times. The vigorous and spellbinding Concerto Gross for String Orchestra by Bloch was a fitting finale as morning became afternoon.

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