Anger Observations

Is anger cathartic? The toxicity of anger can ripple through your body in hidden places. When plans go awry, ire pops.  Bulging traffic rips your rage. Anger is off course. Anger twists moods. The crooked emotions destroy endorphins. The released anger skews clarity. The humor in anger is fake. Shared anger is cockeyed. Ranting is out of kilter. Uncontrolled tweeting is astray. Beam off anger. Pacify rage. Push antagonism in the gutter. Fumigate wrath. Wipe out antagonism. Purify resentment. Flush irritation away. Make annoyance joyful. Switch anger to love.

One thought on “Anger Observations

  1. And it makes you very sick too. Causes cancer migraines etc because the body and the mind are one I am in Ft Lauderdale in the only warm state in the country Sent from my iPhone


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