Backstreet Boys-DNA

Kicking off with their hit single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” you realize you are in the hands of master pop clever hook musical craftsmen. Harmony to die for. And yes, this doesn’t sound like generic hygienic stale fluff.

Maybe they aren’t great lyricists but for pure unadulterated communication you could do far worse than these lines on the second cut “Nobody Else”—“Just memorizing lines upon your face. I made a map, every photo and the details on the frame.”

The third title cut “Breathe DNA” is silky smooth.

Funk takes center stage on “New Love”. The clever line “ Who are you? the sex police” is giggle worthy.

Prince haunts the next track “Passionate”. If you are going to copy or borrow why not steal from Prince.

Each track takes you on a romantic time travel back the 90’s. Their stylings feel just as pertinent today. You can’t tell that their voices have aged. In fact, the phrasing and choral blending bring a richness that is easier to appreciate in 2019. A lovely gift to start the year.



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